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OMG! I’ve been a Gramma 18 years TODAY!

Today my first grandchild turns 18!!

I have to tell you that all the things you hear about grandparenthood are absolutely true!  Don’t get me wrong..Becoming a parent is certainly one of life’s greatest joys, but multiply that by 10 and that is what being a grandparent is like!!   I am blessed to have 4 wonderful grandchildren so multiply that times 4!!   That’s 40 times more wonderful than being a parent!!   How incredibly lucky I AM!

HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROB!  Thank you for giving me joy I never knew existed!  Thank you for giving me happiness I didn’t know possible!  Thank you for becoming such a source of pride!  Thank you for being so much stronger than your grandma!  Thank you for being such a wonderful role model for all of us to follow in learning how to deal with life’s adversities!

Today is ONE DAY CLOSER to your Cure!


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A 90’s Rock Band

Today is my 1 month anniversary of being a blogger!!  One of the first blog’s I read when I got home from Government Day(s) was talking about this great 90’s band called Blunt Lancet!!

 VH1 Behind The Music:

Blunt Lancet

by Texting My Pancreas’

Kim Vlasnik

Since I have a 17-year-old grandson with Type 1 whose birthday is next week, I thought I’d be really cool and do a little research about them and buy him one of their albums and a t-shirt!  I found a website that was selling their t-shirts, but as hard as I tried,  I could not find any of their music on-line.  Amazon, itunes, MP3, even Walmart and no succcess…Time was running out if I wanted to be able to give him any of their songs for his birthday gift.

Then this morning I was working on my twittering (oops, I mean tweeting)and I see a tweet from Kelly Rawlings… with a #bluntlancet and a website click on the link and I see my hero Scott who set me up with my blog and he’s got a Blunt Lancet mug in his hand…I should be able to get in touch with him and he can tell me where I can find their music!   But I didn’t want to bother him if I didn’t have to, so I went back to the tweet and clicked on the #bluntlancet…(I’m learning!!) and started reading some of the other tweets…How come the entire DOC knows about them and I can’t even find out what songs they sing?,

Then I somehow get to the lyrics of  a song they wrote for Christmas.  Christmas music isn’t exactly what I had in mind for his birthday gift..but I’m getting closer..And then, one of the links takes me to a blog by Diabetes Mine and I start reading the names of the band members…Kim Pancreas, Simon Syringe, Moby Testkit, Kelly Rawsugar, Jeff Lancer.  Hmmm, something’s kind of fishy

..and then I read the words “completely fictitious rock band borne from the crazy/creative minds of some DOC members”

I fell hook, line and sinker!!  Guess I’d better get busy with Plan B for my grandson’s birthday present!!

 Yep, you all got me good!


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The Scent of Baseball

My favorite sport, without a doubt, is BASEBALL.  As a young girl I played softball  from the time I was 8 all the way thru high school.  I would have played baseball if they would have allowed girls to play back then!!   I knew all the major league baseball players and their stats!  My husband played Varsity baseball for our high school.  We have 2 sons and they both learned to throw a baseball before they learned to walk!  My husband coached both of them from their first year of little league until they got to high school.  Both of our boys played 4 years of high school baseball and our oldest played 4 more years of college ball!  My favorite major league team is the ANGELS!!

And now our  3 grandson’s play baseball!!  Our 2 youngest grandson’s are in their 2nd and 3rd years of Little League and our oldest grandson (and  reason for our passion to find a cure ) is now a senior playing varsity baseball for his high school and will be going away to college next year on a baseball scholarship!!

In celebration of the beginning of a new season of major league baseball, I’d like to share a poem  my grandson wrote a few years ago.


Baseball, baseball everywhere

The scent of it is in the air.

Base runners are caught stealing,

While Pete Rose is caught dealing.

Outfielders sprinting and infielders diving.

George Steinbrenner’s Yankees are still thriving.

The players on steroids, the GM pays no attention.

While athletes in other sports earn a lifetime suspension.

The umpires blow easy calls,

while Manny Ramirez trips and falls.

Players get  hurt, managers get hired,

Will Bud Selig ever get fired?

Extra inning games, the diehards stay til the end.

The Seattle Mariners start their loosing trend .

New stadiums built, the old ones thrown away.

The Angels wish their old name would stay.

Forgotten Red Sox rot in AAA Pawtucket,

The away team batters are stepping in the bucket.

Players get ejected, fights break out,

Benches clear and the fans give a shout.

Curses are broken, new one start.

Managers go back to look at their depth chart.

The end of the season, March around the bend,

Managers gear up with more money to spend!


Baseball, however, is NOT my granddaughters favorite sport!!  She loves hockey and especially the LA Kings!  But we’ll keep working on her!!  In the meantime…Go Brayden!!

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We Did It!!

I am so excited and proud to be a part of JDRF’s Advocacy Team and the DOC!!

I just received word that our visits, phone calls, emails, and letters to our legislators have paid off this week. We have all been working very hard at getting our Members of Congress to sign onto a letter to FDA Commissioner Hamburg about the need for guidance for artificial pancreas research.

By the time the House letter closed yesterday, 240 Members had signed the letter in the House!   That is a House Majority!!

What a fantastic job all of you advocates have done!!  THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing your passion with your representatives…They are OBVIOUSLY LISTENING!!!

With your help they will  REMEMBER

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A Touching Thank You To to Congressman Royce

For almost a month now, we have been asking our congressmen and senators to sign a letter to the commissioner of the FDA urging them to not delay the outpatient testing of the Artificial Pancreas. Here in Orange County, CA, we have 5 congressional districts and all 5 of them have always presented us with quite a challenge to get them on board with issues concerning diabetes.  As JDRF advocates, many of us have answered JDRF’s call to action and emailed our representatives telling them how important this issue is to us.

Thursday I received word that 2 of our Congressmen had signed the letter, District 40’s Ed Royce and District 46’s Dana Rohrabacher!!!  As the advocate leader for our chapter, I  sent out an email to the  advocates in their respective districts letting them know that their representatives had listened to their request!

One of the advocates, sent a thank you to Ed Royce and cc’d me.  I thought the letter was so beautifully written and held such a powerful message, I asked if it would be alright to share and thankfully she said yes!

Mr. Royce,

Our only daughter has suffered from type 1 diabetes for ten years now;  she is currently 11 years old.  The fact that you signed the letter supporting the artificial pancreas makes a direct difference to our family.  The possibility of this type of management for her diabetes is as close as, I feel, we may get to a cure in her lifetime.  Maybe I have an amazing surprise in store for me one day and there will be a cure, but until then an artificial pancreas is the closest I can hope to have for her.

Your own mother probably thought the same thing about you when you were young, that you would help the world one day.  I am writing today to let you know that you just helped us, with your understanding and concern for our child’s future, and we are forever grateful.

Take care,

Marla Dorsey

If he reads her thank you, I guarantee you he will not forget what she said!

Each one of us can make a difference…Together we will find A Cure..

If you have not yet sent your letter to your Congressman, THE DEADLINE IS TODAY 4/12 Please help us make a difference!  follow this link:

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DOC Twitter Talk

I’m afraid my age might be getting the best of me!!  I want you all to know I still have a few months before I’m old enough for Medicare, but this whole Twitter thing is really getting the best of me!!.

I attended JDRF’s Government Day in Washington DC and was introduced to this fantastic group of  “youngsters”  who use their passion, enthusiasm  and personal experiences to inspire a whole community of Type 1 Adults all over the country.    They are bloggers and tweeters  from the Diabetes Online Community.   I had never given thought to what happens to all of the Children with Diabetes when they grow up.  But when I listened to them tell their stories, I was determined that I need to do what I can to help promote the DOC and our children that have grown up!

Even though I had never looked at a blog post before , Scott (ScottsDiabetes) and Kerri(SixUntilMe) set me up with my own Blog Site …and I am learning my way around this whole blogging thing.

They also signed me up with a twitter account!!

I'm Good to Go!


Tuesday evening we headed for home, back to Sunny California.  I didn’t pay too much attention to the first few notifications I got on my phone.  The messages had some kind of hieroglyphics in them but I’d try and figure out what they were later.  Then Wednesday evening came around and my phone started going crazy…Nofifications coming in every 3 or 4 seconds..non-stop!!  @’s and #’s and http://’s  and abbreviations like PWD, and PWoD, TMP, and talk of unicorns and cupcakes…this twitter stuff might not be so easy!

Well, thanks to a little help from my friends,  I learned that Wednesday nights is the Diabetes Social Media Advocacy’s chat night and all those notifications I was getting were tweets from the DOC joining in on the chat!!  How in the world can anyone follow what is going on with so many people talking at once?!!!!

So I’ve done a little homework..been on the twitter tutorial and have practiced a little, but I still can’t quite grasp the whole concept…I’m not giving up, but DANG!!

I am still trying to remember that # in twitter language is “hashtag” not  the pound sign!!  And @ is how you call out another twitter profile and you can follow or be followed.  For someone that has barely learned that when texting, ” lol” does not mean ” love you lots”  I’ve got a lot of learning and practicing to do.

It is said about the mind that we need to “use it or lose it” ….so I’m hoping that by trying to learn how to twit, or is it tweet, I will  be using my brain and hopefully reduce my number of  “senior moments”!!  Wish me luck!


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Silly Hats and Baseball Caps

As you may have figured out, JDRF’s Government Day 2011 really put a BEE IN MY BONNET!

Right before I attended Government Day, I was laid off from a job I had been at for almost 13 years.    Being a, not quite old enough to retire grandma, people aren’t exactly knocking down my door to offer me a job!!  I was used to working 10 to 12 hours a day and I need something to keep me busy.  ENTER THE D.O.C!!!

For several years my girlfriends and I had talked about joining the Red Hat Society!  For those of you who don’t know what that is, “The Red Hat Society began as a result of a few women deciding to greet middle age with verve, humor and elan. We believe silliness is the comedy relief of life, and since we are all in it together, we might as well join red-gloved hands and go for the gusto together. Underneath the frivolity, we share a bond of affection, forged by common life experiences and a genuine enthusiasm for wherever life takes us next.”

However, it was a little more structured than we really wanted or had time for and since many of us have been married to our high school sweethearts for almost 50 years and we are all are used to doing almost everything together…We decided we wanted to include our men in the get togethers!!   We wanted to meet often, look silly, laugh, love and we also knew we wanted to have a purpose!!

I have some of the most wonderful friends and because they all know of my passion to find a Cure for Diabetes, this has become their passion as well!  Hence…we now have “OUR PURPOSE”!
Some of the issues we are hoping to address include:
  • Like so many seniors, we are on limited incomes and we can not give money in a “big” manner, but want to help
  • There are many families that are struggling with the financial needs  living in So. California and then add to that, dealing with the health issues of a Type 1 child on a daily basis, not only is their time limited, so are their pocket books, but they too want to help
  • There are thousand of Adult Type 1’s out there, many of whom are struggling with health insurance, unemployment, young families,  health issues and a need to belong, but they too want to help
  • What can we do to get our legislators to understand the importance of better treatment and A CURE for Diabetes.  How do we get them to “get it”!!!
We had our first meeting Tuesday at one of the best good old-fashioned  drug stores in the country established in 1918.
Watson’s Drugs
at the Circle in Orange!!
But we had such a good time!!  People actually stopped by our table just to chat, and reminisce  and join in the fun!  We already have set a date for a softball tournament and have decided we will meet every Tuesday, same time, same place.  Some times there will be more of us and sometimes less…But at the very least, we will have an excuse to get together and along the way, we will be doing what we can to help the Diabetes Community.


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