Type 1 Talk

Government Day, Afternoon Breakout Session #2, March 13, 2011

One of JDRF’s newer campaigns is Type 1 Talk.  It is a face book application that was put together to facilitate setting up meetings all over the county on World Diabetes Day, November 14, 2010.   JDRF provided a live streaming video that consisted of JDRF staff and volunteers, including  the DOC’s own Kelly Sparling (SixUntilMe) .  They discussed a variety of subjects including the artificial pancreas and treatments, autoimmunity, and outreach/awareness.  If you would like to view that video..here’s the link.


The hope and purpose of this program was to not only recognize World Diabetes Day, but to build a stronger diabetes community, both online and offline.   They asked for our help in securing locations so that we could  get together and watch the video, meet new friends and just hang out after if we wanted.

With the help of some fantastic advocates from my chapter here in Orange County, CA,  we had a fantastic event.  One of my favorite restaurants, The Original Fish Company in Los Alamitos, offered to let us use one of their rooms for the event.  One of their sons was diagnosed with Type 1 at the age of 2 and with all the demands of the restaurant and raising twin boys, it doesn’t  leave  a lot of spare time, but they wanted to do whatever they could to help raise awareness of this disease and do their part to help find a cure.   Not only did they give us the use of a private room, they set up chairs  for us to watch the live video and they provided us  with the  TV to view it on,  they held a raffle AND provided all the prizes for it and donated the proceeds to JDRF , they made and sold Jello Shots for a Cure and  donated those proceeds to JDRF as well,  and as if that wasn’t enough, they also donated a percentage of the entire days proceeds of the restaurant, as well.  We had over 40 people show up just for the event and we all enjoyed the presentation spread awareness of Type 1 and met new friends.  They were so pleased with the response from the entire community, they have promised to make this an annual event!!

And again it reminded me of two things,  “One person can make a difference” and “If you don’t ask, you won’t get”.   When, as advocate leader,  I was asked if I would organize an event, it was my daughter-in-law and mother of my  grandson with Type 1 that said “Why don’t you send out an email and ask if any of the other advocates would be willing to host the event or  has a room that we could use?”!!  If she had not suggested that, I would not have asked and we would not have had one of the most successful Type 1 events in the country!!   Not only did we meet new friends and families from the diabetes community, over $7,000 was donated to JDRF!

Now, moving forward, JDRF wants to make it easier for us to get to know each other and to get together with people affected by type 1 from our own community.  Using the  Type 1 Talk events tool on facebook, whether as a host or an attendee, it will help us find or start local groups and meet new people.  Whether you’re looking for a support group or a social group, they are hoping we will use this  opportunity to start connecting and strengthening our local type 1 community!


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