Reflections of Government Day 2011

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

After completing our last meeting with Congressman Campbell’s Legislative Director David Malech, we grabbed the Metro to the hotel, grabbed our luggage and headed to the Reagan Airport for our return trip home!

I wish that I was able to put into words the exuberance I feel about this entire experience.  The comraderie is addicting and the experience is unparalleled to anything I have ever done.  To have so many people together with the same passions and goals and willingness to “get r done”  is mind boggling!

I hope that I have been able to give you just a glimpse of the effort JDRF put into making sure we were informed, energized and ready to tackle the sometimes difficult task of convincing our public officials how important better management and ultimately a cure for diabetes is!  With your help, I know we can!!

In closing, I would like to share with you with a video that was put together by another one of the invited bloggers, Allison Blass for Diabetes Mine.  It gives a great overview of the entire weekend, and includes an interview of Orange County’s own Glenn Weber!



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