DOC Twitter Talk

I’m afraid my age might be getting the best of me!!  I want you all to know I still have a few months before I’m old enough for Medicare, but this whole Twitter thing is really getting the best of me!!.

I attended JDRF’s Government Day in Washington DC and was introduced to this fantastic group of  “youngsters”  who use their passion, enthusiasm  and personal experiences to inspire a whole community of Type 1 Adults all over the country.    They are bloggers and tweeters  from the Diabetes Online Community.   I had never given thought to what happens to all of the Children with Diabetes when they grow up.  But when I listened to them tell their stories, I was determined that I need to do what I can to help promote the DOC and our children that have grown up!

Even though I had never looked at a blog post before , Scott (ScottsDiabetes) and Kerri(SixUntilMe) set me up with my own Blog Site …and I am learning my way around this whole blogging thing.

They also signed me up with a twitter account!!

I'm Good to Go!


Tuesday evening we headed for home, back to Sunny California.  I didn’t pay too much attention to the first few notifications I got on my phone.  The messages had some kind of hieroglyphics in them but I’d try and figure out what they were later.  Then Wednesday evening came around and my phone started going crazy…Nofifications coming in every 3 or 4 seconds..non-stop!!  @’s and #’s and http://’s  and abbreviations like PWD, and PWoD, TMP, and talk of unicorns and cupcakes…this twitter stuff might not be so easy!

Well, thanks to a little help from my friends,  I learned that Wednesday nights is the Diabetes Social Media Advocacy’s chat night and all those notifications I was getting were tweets from the DOC joining in on the chat!!  How in the world can anyone follow what is going on with so many people talking at once?!!!!

So I’ve done a little homework..been on the twitter tutorial and have practiced a little, but I still can’t quite grasp the whole concept…I’m not giving up, but DANG!!

I am still trying to remember that # in twitter language is “hashtag” not  the pound sign!!  And @ is how you call out another twitter profile and you can follow or be followed.  For someone that has barely learned that when texting, ” lol” does not mean ” love you lots”  I’ve got a lot of learning and practicing to do.

It is said about the mind that we need to “use it or lose it” ….so I’m hoping that by trying to learn how to twit, or is it tweet, I will  be using my brain and hopefully reduce my number of  “senior moments”!!  Wish me luck!



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2 responses to “DOC Twitter Talk

  1. I didn’t not know you were on twitter! What’s your username? If you need tips or help navagating around twitter let me know.
    Wednesday is lovely #dsma day-tweets are tweeted 70 miles per hr.

  2. My speed limit is about 25 mph…any hints on how to keep up!???

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