The Scent of Baseball

My favorite sport, without a doubt, is BASEBALL.  As a young girl I played softball  from the time I was 8 all the way thru high school.  I would have played baseball if they would have allowed girls to play back then!!   I knew all the major league baseball players and their stats!  My husband played Varsity baseball for our high school.  We have 2 sons and they both learned to throw a baseball before they learned to walk!  My husband coached both of them from their first year of little league until they got to high school.  Both of our boys played 4 years of high school baseball and our oldest played 4 more years of college ball!  My favorite major league team is the ANGELS!!

And now our  3 grandson’s play baseball!!  Our 2 youngest grandson’s are in their 2nd and 3rd years of Little League and our oldest grandson (and  reason for our passion to find a cure ) is now a senior playing varsity baseball for his high school and will be going away to college next year on a baseball scholarship!!

In celebration of the beginning of a new season of major league baseball, I’d like to share a poem  my grandson wrote a few years ago.


Baseball, baseball everywhere

The scent of it is in the air.

Base runners are caught stealing,

While Pete Rose is caught dealing.

Outfielders sprinting and infielders diving.

George Steinbrenner’s Yankees are still thriving.

The players on steroids, the GM pays no attention.

While athletes in other sports earn a lifetime suspension.

The umpires blow easy calls,

while Manny Ramirez trips and falls.

Players get  hurt, managers get hired,

Will Bud Selig ever get fired?

Extra inning games, the diehards stay til the end.

The Seattle Mariners start their loosing trend .

New stadiums built, the old ones thrown away.

The Angels wish their old name would stay.

Forgotten Red Sox rot in AAA Pawtucket,

The away team batters are stepping in the bucket.

Players get ejected, fights break out,

Benches clear and the fans give a shout.

Curses are broken, new one start.

Managers go back to look at their depth chart.

The end of the season, March around the bend,

Managers gear up with more money to spend!


Baseball, however, is NOT my granddaughters favorite sport!!  She loves hockey and especially the LA Kings!  But we’ll keep working on her!!  In the meantime…Go Brayden!!


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