A 90’s Rock Band

Today is my 1 month anniversary of being a blogger!!  One of the first blog’s I read when I got home from Government Day(s) was talking about this great 90’s band called Blunt Lancet!!

 VH1 Behind The Music:

Blunt Lancet

by Texting My Pancreas’

Kim Vlasnik

Since I have a 17-year-old grandson with Type 1 whose birthday is next week, I thought I’d be really cool and do a little research about them and buy him one of their albums and a t-shirt!  I found a website that was selling their t-shirts, but as hard as I tried,  I could not find any of their music on-line.  Amazon, itunes, MP3, even Walmart and no succcess…Time was running out if I wanted to be able to give him any of their songs for his birthday gift.

Then this morning I was working on my twittering (oops, I mean tweeting)and I see a tweet from Kelly Rawlings… with a #bluntlancet and a website http://yfrog.com/h4heijzj..so click on the link and I see my hero Scott who set me up with my blog and he’s got a Blunt Lancet mug in his hand…I should be able to get in touch with him and he can tell me where I can find their music!   But I didn’t want to bother him if I didn’t have to, so I went back to the tweet and clicked on the #bluntlancet…(I’m learning!!) and started reading some of the other tweets…How come the entire DOC knows about them and I can’t even find out what songs they sing?,

Then I somehow get to the lyrics of  a song they wrote for Christmas.  Christmas music isn’t exactly what I had in mind for his birthday gift..but I’m getting closer..And then, one of the links takes me to a blog by Diabetes Mine and I start reading the names of the band members…Kim Pancreas, Simon Syringe, Moby Testkit, Kelly Rawsugar, Jeff Lancer.  Hmmm, something’s kind of fishy

..and then I read the words “completely fictitious rock band borne from the crazy/creative minds of some DOC members”

I fell hook, line and sinker!!  Guess I’d better get busy with Plan B for my grandson’s birthday present!!

 Yep, you all got me good!



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2 responses to “A 90’s Rock Band

  1. Blünt Lancet albums, disks, and cassettes are a bit difficult to track down :-). But the merchandise is real (and Cafe Press delivers very quickly). Proceeds are donated to the Diabetes Hands Foundation. Find the merch here:

    And a very happy birthday to your grandson!

  2. Jeanne!!! This was SO FUNNY to me!!!! I LOVE it!!!

    And what an awesome tale for a blog post! You’re a regular professional at this!

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