Mud in Your Eye!!

Diabetes bloopers #3

I am a grandmother of an eighteen year old young man with Type 1 Diabetes.   He was diagnosed when he was 11 and luckily he has always been able to tell when his blood sugars were low.  However,  when his blood sugars are high he doesn’t necessarily feel it right away.   He has always been an even-tempered and very respectful child,  but we quickly learned when his blood sugar is high, he gets downright ornery!!   So whenever he starts acting up or getting emotional we make sure he tests his bs numbers and 9 times out of 10, his numbers are off the charts.

I have, however, learned that when we are out in public and I think he might need to test…unless I want everyone within shouting distance to give us “the look” and chance an immediate search, I should not ask “ARE YOU HIGH?”!!

Being a product of the 60’s, music is a big part of my memories and whenever I think of being high (believe it or not), I think of this tune…Not about being high on drugs or alcohol, or because of the need of insulin, but because of the joy a smile can bring…Hope you enjoy it too and whenever you’re fighting a wicked high you’ll sing a little bit about scotch and soda, MUD IN YOUR EYE DIABETES!!

If you’ve never heard of the Kingston Trio or heard them sing “Scotch and Soda” you can visit a piece of the sixties here:


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