#4 I hate you Diabetes

Diabetes…I hate you for what you do and what you take from all of those you have come to live with, but I will never forgive you for coming to live with my grandson.

I hate the day he was diagnosed and we were told you would be with him 24/7 for life, unless a cure was found

I hate that because of you,  his fingertips are and always will be calloused and full of holes

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I hate his Diabetes highs, his Diabetes lows and his Diabetes everything in between

I hate that because of one stupid coach he almost died

I hate that most people don’t understand how much work it takes for him to survive each day

I hate that he can’t eat whatever he wants without first deciding if  having another shot is worth it

I hate that when he does eat…he has to be a mathematician and a clairvoyant

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I hate that he can never forget, even for a moment, he has you on his back

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I hate that everytime I see a child run to the bathroom I think he might have diabetes

but mostly …..

I hate that it was him and not me.  I would have gladly given you my pancreas…Why can’t you take mine and give his back to him?



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5 responses to “#4 I hate you Diabetes

  1. The last item on your list made me cry. And I know your grandson knows that you would trade place with him in a minute!!

  2. I’ve been so amazed by all the similarities that I (a type 1) have with parents of children with diabetes. This Diabetes Blog Week thing is amazing. And has opened up my eyes to a great online community that I haven’t really tapped into.

    My list is so much like yours. I talked about how much daily work we have to put into staying healthy. This ain’t a diet! This is CONSTANT. I also talked about carrying around my ugly “clutch.”

    And the last item on your list totally brought tears to my eyes. That is truly the sign of a good parent…the I wish I could take on his troubles attitude. HE IS TOTALLY LUCKY TO HAVE YOU!!

  3. Liz

    Your post made me cry! Especially the last statement. I always say I’m glad it was me and not one of my sons!!! I hope it stays that way.

  4. Jan Woolford

    WOW, I know the love and passion you have and what keeps you going. We all pray that “One day,,,,,,,,

  5. shane

    I am type 1 had it for 20 years i can be good at everything but not great at 1 thing I struggle everyday and i would still take it just so that hopefully someone else doesnt have to go through what ive had to

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