Our Walk to Cure Diabetes

Every year, since my Grandson was diagnosed,  we walk with the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation in hopes of funding research to find a cure.  We will continue walking until  a cure is found, but while we are on this journey…WE WILL MAKE THE MOST OF IT !!

Our first walk

My precious ones at 2005 walk

Awesome Team Strike Out Diabetes!!

D follows everywhere...Grr

Our sneaker wagon

Oh my!!


Walk at UCI

Havin' some fun!

Me and my best bud's!! Oh and Elmo too!

Winner, winner, chicken dinner!!

With a little help from my friends!!



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6 responses to “Our Walk to Cure Diabetes

  1. Cherise

    Awesome pictures

  2. I walk at the UCI walk too!!! We should meet in November! Your shoe sign is awesome!

  3. I LOVE THESE PICTURES! I wish so badly my mother could join us for a walk one year. We’ve done 5…she’s always there in spirit and, of course, the most generous donor. But really I just wish I could have my mama sometimes.

    • Thank you Wendy…and I do feel very blessed that we are able to attend the walks for my grandson…We are very lucky to be in good health and live close to him too! And I want to THANK YOU for the awesome video you did to thank Karen for D-blog Week…It was awesome!!

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