We Will Stop You!

I really, really have a hard time giving diabetes credit for anything.  However, that being said….

Because of this insidious  disease that sneaks into our homes and  steals our pancreas, our innocence, our time, our money, our health, our sleep, our blood, our peace of mind,  and on and on……

  • I have made lots of new friends
  • I have been uplifted by the generosity of people
  • I have learned that one person can make a difference
  • I have learned that if you don’t ask…you probably won’t get
  • I have been to Washington DC twice for JDRF’s Government Day
  • I have learned to blog
  • I have learned I can still speak to a room full of people
  • I have fallen in love with the DOC
I do thank you, Diabetes for these things you have left in return for what you have taken, but we WILL find how you get in and STOP you in your tracks very soon and you will have to return everything you have taken from us.  I PROMISE YOU THAT!


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2 responses to “We Will Stop You!

  1. Sara

    The title of this post combined with the cartoon is just awesome! Diabetes is such a thief but thieves always get CAUGHT!

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