Last week I attended a JDRF Corporate Breakfast hosted by Rob Savage, the COO of Taco Bell and father of a son with Type 1 Diabetes.

Rob is the corporate chair for our Orange County JDRF’s Walk to Cure Diabetes coming up in November.  We had a wonderful buffet breakfast.  Rob and several others spoke about how diabetes has affected their lives.  One of our JDRF mom’s read a moving poem by  fellow blogger,  Gary Hempleman.   We were then updated on the progress of some of the JDRF funded research going on, and in conclusion,  they played a great video that shares a little about what it’s like living with diabetes.  It  seemed to make an impression on most all of the people in the room.

The event lasted less than an hour and was a big success.  Through this breakfast JDRF was able to engage new organizations and corporations to join in our quest to find better treatments for diabetes and a CURE!

Our local JDRF chapter just released that video on youtube.  Thought you all might like to view it as well.


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  1. Thank you for the video post! I wanted to make it, but couldn’t with work 😦

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