I am a grandmother of 4 wonderful grandchildren.  My oldest grandson was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in August of 2006.  I promised I would do whatever I could to help find his cure.  Our family is very involved at our local JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) chapter.  Just over a year ago I became Orange County’s JDRF Advocacy Leader and have learned how important our relationships with our government representatives are.   Diabetes not only affects the one living with this life changing disease, it affects their entire family and our entire nation.

I am hoping that, by learning to blog, I will be able to share some of my experiences as a grandmother and JDRF Advocate.

I have also been blessed with some wonderful friends we have known  for almost 40 years and together we have started a group called the Silly Hats and Caps!  We meet once a week for breakfast and plan ways to raise awareness of this horrible disease called Diabetes and discuss ways we can raise money to find a cure (Oh, and we do a lot of reminiscing too)!


3 responses to “About

    • Thank you Kelly…Thanks to all of you guys, I am so hooked! From having never read a blog as of Government Day to following all of you every day!! Your guys are awesome and I will make sure I follow up on the Reader’s Digest Issue as well! 🙂

  1. Tom Jourdan

    Hi Jeanne: I checked out your site…you’re the first person I know who’s actually put forth the effort to do one of these! Tom

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