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Sister’s Tender Moment!

This was a very big week for our family.  Our first grandchild graduated from high school yesterday.  He graduated with honors,  an academic scholarship and an athletic scholarship to play baseball for the college that was his Number One Choice!   He did this with NO HELP FROM DIABETES OR CELIAC DISEASE!

His parents were having a graduation party at one of his favorite Mexican Restaurants and my grand daughter (his little sister) called me and asked if I would help her make a cake for the occasion!  No brainer, of course I would love to help!

Mind you, most of the time, the two of them can not stand to be in the same room with each other!!  She says  “He gets all the attention….it’s always about him” . He is always teasing her and says “She is so spoiled, she gets whatever she wants” and so on and so on!  You know, that whole sibling rivalry thing!!

So anyway, she comes over and begins to tell me what she wants to make for her big brother.  And she melts my heart!

You see, he has not been able to eat cake like everyone else since he was 11 years old and in addition to his Type 1 diabetes, was diagnosed with Celiac Disease.   Whenever we have birthdays or other events where cake is served we alway make sure he has a gluten free cupcake or some other gluten free dessert.  But because this is a really special day for him…his sister wants to make him the gluten free cake and make regular cupcakes for everyone else!!  Oh, and not just any old gluten free cake but a 4 tiered gluten free cake!!   I am choking back the tears by now!  At that moment, I couldn’t be more proud of her!  What a very special grand daughter I have!

The day of the graduation party was also our third grandchild’s birthday and she wanted to make sure she made him something as well.  So after I pick all of them up from their respective schools,  I take her and our 2 younger grandsons to the cake decorating store and we pick out decorations for her “vision”  and our birthday boy picks out what he wants on his special cupcake!!   She and I then spend the evening baking all four gluten free cakes and we bake 18 regular cupcakes.  She has heard that it’s easier to frost if we freeze the cakes first…after the last of the four cakes has cooled we put them in the freezer at about 11pm and we head off to bed!  (She’s spending the night because she has no school the next day and wants to get an early start to the decorating!)

So up we get and one by one we remove the layers from the freezer and frost them and stack them on top of each other!  Then the cupcakes are frosted and a little frosting is put on the bottom of the wrappers so they stay secured to where she puts them.   Finally…she is ready to add the decorations that took her over an hour to pick out!

I’ll let you decide for yourself…But I doubt that anyone would be able to buy a more beautiful graduation cake or a cake made with more love than this one (let alone a gluten free one)!!

This Grandmother is so very proud of all of her grandchildren.  Being a grandma is the best thing in the whole world!



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#4 I hate you Diabetes

Diabetes…I hate you for what you do and what you take from all of those you have come to live with, but I will never forgive you for coming to live with my grandson.

I hate the day he was diagnosed and we were told you would be with him 24/7 for life, unless a cure was found

I hate that because of you,  his fingertips are and always will be calloused and full of holes

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I hate his Diabetes highs, his Diabetes lows and his Diabetes everything in between

I hate that because of one stupid coach he almost died

I hate that most people don’t understand how much work it takes for him to survive each day

I hate that he can’t eat whatever he wants without first deciding if  having another shot is worth it

I hate that when he does eat…he has to be a mathematician and a clairvoyant

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I hate that he can never forget, even for a moment, he has you on his back

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I hate that everytime I see a child run to the bathroom I think he might have diabetes

but mostly …..

I hate that it was him and not me.  I would have gladly given you my pancreas…Why can’t you take mine and give his back to him?


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Breath Test for Diabetes

Blog post #2 

Dear Dr. Galassetti,

Back in 2008, my grandson participated in studies you were conducting at UCI Medical Center.  That research was being done in hopes of eliminating skin punctures for people with diabetes.

As you know, our loved ones, who have diabetes have to test their blood sugars 5 to 10 times a day by pricking their fingers.  You believed that you had the answer to making that process less painful.  This method of measuring blood sugar levels would be one more step in making life just a little easier for them while they wait for their cure.

You collected breath samples from young diabetic athletes while blood sugar levels were high and again as levels fell after insulin was administered. Using a technique developed to test air pollution, you and your researchers detected high concentrations of methyl nitrate — a byproduct of the damage to body tissue — when blood sugar levels are too high and as the blood sugar was corrected, the methyl nitrate levels in their breath went down.

Your technology would allow all people with diabetes to be able to test their blood sugar levels by breathing into a device rather than having to draw blood!  You were encouraged by your results.  But you also said it may take up to 10 years to bring this to market.  UGH!!

Please let us know where you are at in this exciting technology and also let us know if there is anything we can do to help bring it to market and made available for our loved ones!  Do we need to give the FDA another push?  We are getting pretty good at that!  Last month we (JDRF and DOC Advocates) banded together and successfully convinced congress to sign a letter to the FDA urging them to approve outpatient testing of the Artificial Pancreas as quickly as possible!  We’re hoping that out patient testing of the Artificial Pancreas will start this summer!

While certainly not a cure, your device would make the wait for a cure just a little easier and perhaps convince people to test more often.  Just think…   No more test strips!  No more Lancets!  No more calloused fingers!  No more punctures!

Thank you,

Type 1 Advocate Gramma

If you would like to see the short video telling about that research testing, which(by the way) features my grandson, along with bit parts from my grand daughter, son and daughter-in-law..please follow this link.

Breath Test For Diabetes

I’m sorry I can’t figure out how to bypass the advertisements…but it is only 15 seconds and then goes to the feature.


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The Scent of Baseball

My favorite sport, without a doubt, is BASEBALL.  As a young girl I played softball  from the time I was 8 all the way thru high school.  I would have played baseball if they would have allowed girls to play back then!!   I knew all the major league baseball players and their stats!  My husband played Varsity baseball for our high school.  We have 2 sons and they both learned to throw a baseball before they learned to walk!  My husband coached both of them from their first year of little league until they got to high school.  Both of our boys played 4 years of high school baseball and our oldest played 4 more years of college ball!  My favorite major league team is the ANGELS!!

And now our  3 grandson’s play baseball!!  Our 2 youngest grandson’s are in their 2nd and 3rd years of Little League and our oldest grandson (and  reason for our passion to find a cure ) is now a senior playing varsity baseball for his high school and will be going away to college next year on a baseball scholarship!!

In celebration of the beginning of a new season of major league baseball, I’d like to share a poem  my grandson wrote a few years ago.


Baseball, baseball everywhere

The scent of it is in the air.

Base runners are caught stealing,

While Pete Rose is caught dealing.

Outfielders sprinting and infielders diving.

George Steinbrenner’s Yankees are still thriving.

The players on steroids, the GM pays no attention.

While athletes in other sports earn a lifetime suspension.

The umpires blow easy calls,

while Manny Ramirez trips and falls.

Players get  hurt, managers get hired,

Will Bud Selig ever get fired?

Extra inning games, the diehards stay til the end.

The Seattle Mariners start their loosing trend .

New stadiums built, the old ones thrown away.

The Angels wish their old name would stay.

Forgotten Red Sox rot in AAA Pawtucket,

The away team batters are stepping in the bucket.

Players get ejected, fights break out,

Benches clear and the fans give a shout.

Curses are broken, new one start.

Managers go back to look at their depth chart.

The end of the season, March around the bend,

Managers gear up with more money to spend!


Baseball, however, is NOT my granddaughters favorite sport!!  She loves hockey and especially the LA Kings!  But we’ll keep working on her!!  In the meantime…Go Brayden!!

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On My Way to JDRF’s Government Day(s)

Friday, March 11, 2011

As I was sitting at the airport waiting to catch my plane to DC to attend JDRF’s Government Day(s), the woman sitting beside me and I started talking.  When I told her where I was going and why, she said that her 12 year old son also has Type 1.  We talked about their struggles with living in rural Texas and having Type 1 and we talked about athletics and how the level of activity affects his bg (blood glucose)  numbers as well as other diabetes related issues. The one thing that really stuck with me was when she told me they weren’t really involved with JDRF or any other diabetes organizations because they did not want the disease to define their son.

The more I think about that statement the more I want The Cure!   I thank God that everyone with diabetes does not feel that way, because if they did, JDRF would never have been formed, research would not have come so far in the management  of diabetes and most certainly The Cure would be even farther away!  But I do understand that not everyone is lucky enough to have the support of their friends and family, nor that everyone has the strength to deal with all of the misconceptions diabetes brings.    All of those people already carrying the burden of living with Type 1 should not also have to worry about being defined by the disease they struggle to control 24/7.

Being an advocate for  those living with Type 1 Diabetes, I am learning that it does not matter whether we are rich or poor, young or old, one person can make a difference!  We all  need to raise awareness of what it is like to live day in and day out with diabetes, not only for the person with Type 1, but all of their loved ones as well.  For their parents, their siblings, their grandparents, their children, their aunts, their uncles, their cousins and their friends.

I boarded my plane with an increased need for more tools to enable me to help make a difference.

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