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Meeting with some of my Hero’s!!

As most of you know..I am a grandmother and a Type 3 (once removed)!  That is..I do not have diabetes, my children do not have diabetes, it is my oldest grandson that was diagnosed with  Type 1 Diabetes!

As any of my friends and family will tell you, I am the definition of a Mother Hen!  Not necessarily a good thing, but none-the-less it is a part of who I am!!   “D” showed up 7 years ago and threatened a member of my family..  “D” did not just come in and  steal a part of my grandson (his pancreas), it took a piece of all of us and forever changed our family!  I HAD TO do what I could to make “D” give it back!

I volunteered with JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) and started out just participating in the Walk to Cure Diabetes every year.  Then I became a JDRF Advocate and periodically wrote to my congressman asking him to please do what he could to make sure that diabetes research is funded so that a cure can be found as soon as possible.  And 2 years ago I was asked to be the Advocacy Leader.  Saying “no” is a very hard thing for me to say and thank goodness.  Being the JDRF Advocacy Leader I was invited to attend their Government Day in Washington DC.

And so it began….

At this year’s Government Day, I was introduced to the Diabetes Online Community.  Something I didn’t even know existed!  Listening to all of those young men and women talk about the DOC and the support it gives to its members , I knew I had to learn more.  I think it kind of started as a joke, but somehow this old gramma (thanks to Scott and Kerri) left DC that week with my own blog site and twitter account!

The DOC not only offers support to each other that is beyond description, it is so much more.  It is, in almost every sense of the word, FAMILY!  The members of the DOC laugh together, they cry together, they educate each other, they all love unicorns and cupcakes, they advocate, they vent their frustrations without being judged, they are there for each other 24/7, they encourage each other during tough times and they celebrate the victories!

They live their lives, day in and day out, 24/7 with no vacations from “D” and shout “YOU CAN DO THIS!”  with pride!  Each and every one of you living with diabetes are my heroes!

I am so grateful to George http://ninjabetic.squarespace.com

for inviting me to a D meet-up last Saturday. He is going to be speaking to some of our advocates next month about the DOC and I am so excited!

I got to see Scott http://scottsdiabetes.com/

and not only thank him again for setting me up with my own blog and twitter accounts, but I got to get one of his famous “BIG HUGS”!  He is for sure, one of my biggest heroes!!!

And I got to meet Jenny and her husband http://web.me.com/wyldceltic1

who loves Mac’s, her dogs and music!  She definitely has all things “APPLE”!

and last but not least…..

Brad Slaight aka “Meter Boy” http://www.captainglucoseandmeterboy.com/

who kept us laughing the whole time!  (Not to mention he is “half the man he used to be”!)

Thank you all for your courage, commitment and dedication to the DOC and  for making me feel so welcome at your table!



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D-Blog #1 Admiring Our Differences

Since I was introduced to the DOC a little over a month ago, I’ve not found many (in fact, I haven’t come across any)blogs by grandparents of anyone with diabetes of any type.

That means that every post I read from each and every blogger is coming from a different perspective than mine.

I do not have of diabetes.   I am not a parent of a child or adult with diabetes.   I am not a spouse of a person with diabetes.  I am not in the medical field.  But I am the grandmother of a wonderful young man with Type 1 Diabetes and I desperately want to do what I can to help make his life easier until a cure is found!  I want to understand how his body works without a useful pancreas and I want an insight to what he might be feeling, but not sharing with us.  I want to make sure that what I say and do, will be a benefit, not add to his struggles that come with living with this disease that never lets you let your guard down or let’s you take a day off!

I have learned that sometimes, no matter how hard you try, or what you do,  your bg #’s are not going to cooperate!

I  have learned that what works for great bg #’s today might not (and probably won’t) work tomorrow.

I have learned that there is no good type of diabetes.

I have learned that many in the medical field have a lot to learn about diabetes!

I have been reminded that our children with diabetes, grow up to be adults with diabetes.

I have learned that the Diabetes Online Community (DOC) is made up of some very incredible men and women willing to share many of their struggles and innermost thoughts about diabetes and living with it.  They do this so that no one suffering with diabetes, of any type, will ever have to feel alone, they do this to enlighten those of us who do not have diabetes and along the way, they have made friendships that will last their lifetimes!  They do this day in and day out, through bad times and through good times.

I have learned that what you say can stay with someone a lifetime.

I have learned that effects from a single high or one low can impact your body for days…not just hours.

I have learned the incredible power of social media.

I have learned about the band, Blunt Lancet!

I have learned about the unicorn!!

and the power of a cupcake!!

Thank you all so very much for making this grandma feel a part of this most inspiring community!!!

You are all my HEROS!


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DOC Twitter Talk

I’m afraid my age might be getting the best of me!!  I want you all to know I still have a few months before I’m old enough for Medicare, but this whole Twitter thing is really getting the best of me!!.

I attended JDRF’s Government Day in Washington DC and was introduced to this fantastic group of  “youngsters”  who use their passion, enthusiasm  and personal experiences to inspire a whole community of Type 1 Adults all over the country.    They are bloggers and tweeters  from the Diabetes Online Community.   I had never given thought to what happens to all of the Children with Diabetes when they grow up.  But when I listened to them tell their stories, I was determined that I need to do what I can to help promote the DOC and our children that have grown up!

Even though I had never looked at a blog post before , Scott (ScottsDiabetes) and Kerri(SixUntilMe) set me up with my own Blog Site …and I am learning my way around this whole blogging thing.

They also signed me up with a twitter account!!

I'm Good to Go!


Tuesday evening we headed for home, back to Sunny California.  I didn’t pay too much attention to the first few notifications I got on my phone.  The messages had some kind of hieroglyphics in them but I’d try and figure out what they were later.  Then Wednesday evening came around and my phone started going crazy…Nofifications coming in every 3 or 4 seconds..non-stop!!  @’s and #’s and http://’s  and abbreviations like PWD, and PWoD, TMP, and talk of unicorns and cupcakes…this twitter stuff might not be so easy!

Well, thanks to a little help from my friends,  I learned that Wednesday nights is the Diabetes Social Media Advocacy’s chat night and all those notifications I was getting were tweets from the DOC joining in on the chat!!  How in the world can anyone follow what is going on with so many people talking at once?!!!!

So I’ve done a little homework..been on the twitter tutorial and have practiced a little, but I still can’t quite grasp the whole concept…I’m not giving up, but DANG!!

I am still trying to remember that # in twitter language is “hashtag” not  the pound sign!!  And @ is how you call out another twitter profile and you can follow or be followed.  For someone that has barely learned that when texting, ” lol” does not mean ” love you lots”  I’ve got a lot of learning and practicing to do.

It is said about the mind that we need to “use it or lose it” ….so I’m hoping that by trying to learn how to twit, or is it tweet, I will  be using my brain and hopefully reduce my number of  “senior moments”!!  Wish me luck!


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